The first time we met with Aj and heard his track we immediately knew this was a project we had to be a part of. We instantly clicked and were on the same page for the direction we wanted to go in terms of the feel and visuals for this video. His track “Good Vibes” offered a breath of fresh air and lots of room to be creative with the visual story telling. The song provided positive and uplifting lyrics while carrying a darker tone, so we set out to create a darker toned visual while showing the beauty in the darkness.

Watch the finished video below!

Principle Photography was set for Febuary 19th, with a shooting schedule set to run through the night. Director Cam Simon, Cinematographer Jordan Farnum and PA/BTS Photographer Dylan Harmon met with Aj and his crew to shoot the first scene of the day during sunset/dusk. Shooting in the alley of a grungy warehouse complex with a 1969 Mustang we were able to set the overall tone of the video. Using a combination of double time takes, GH4/Ronin footage and Handheld Fs700 footage through out the shoot we were able to be versatile with the cinematography.

The second scene was to be filmed in a custom set we built in our 2,200 Sq Ft Studio in Clearwater, Florida. We built a long red hall way, stuck a flood light in the middle, hazed it up and had someone flashing a small handheld LED light from the ceiling at the camera for lens flares/spills. The set allowed us to maintain our lowkey lighting theme and create a scene that hasn’t been done before in other videos.

For our third and final scene we really wanted to switch it up with something that hasn’t been seen before. We brought out our rain rig in front of the studio for some performance scenes and extra b-roll. Our goal was to use this as a filler scene for the more emotional parts of the song to really push the feelings and vibes.

With principle photography going as smoothly as possible, it was time to edit. We decided against a flashy edit and went with a more minimalist feel to allow the cinematography, Aj’s performance and song to capture the audience.

Capitalizing on vertigo effects, zooms, ramped slow motion and double time takes we were able to put together an edit we really felt fit the song and the vibes we wanted from the start. When it came to the color grading process we really wanted to bring out the lowkey, grungy  and artistic look we wanted. With a mix of lowering the highlights, flatter tones and some film grain we were able to accomplish exactly that.

Flat V-Log Footage from the GH4 (pre editing)

Final Image after Grading and Color Correction

Flat V-Log Footage from the GH4 (pre editing)

Final Image after Grading and Color Correction



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