Our Purpose is to create powerful and truly effective world class videos while providing an unmatched experience from start to finish for our clients. We're on a mission to redefine the standards for commercial and branded video production through the use of our Connect, Convert and Dominate philosophy.
Creating a video that emotionally connects with your audience is the key to achieving your desired results. When the video’s purpose, story and visuals are all strategically thought out and work together in harmony, you create a video that emotionally connects. This results in a video that’s engaging, memorable and valuable. This directly results in... Conversion.
Every video’s desired result is to “convert” in one way or another. Depending on your objective, conversion may be defined as lead generation, direct sales, long term ROI, more revenue, brand awareness, providing well received value or general information. The key to converting is by truly connecting with your audience.
Dominating your industry and competitors with dominant video branding and advertising is a result of our world class quality videos that connect and convert.

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Full Service Video Production Studio

Our team is composed of award winning producers, writers, directors, cinematographers and editors, offering full pre to post production services if needed. Our goal is to create the easiest, most efficient and cost effective experience for our clients.


In this phase we learn more about you and your vision. We work on the video’s purpose, pinpointing your target audience, how to best connect with them, the video’s mood, all the branding/marketing elements and more. This is a crucial part to writing successful scripts, treatments, storyboards and shot lists which create videos that actually connect, convert and dominate.

We can provide all producing rolls from locations, casting, vendors, scheduling, set designing, wardrobe and more. Pre-Production is a creative and collaborative journey between your team and ours.

Every one of our team members excel in many departments, always eager to push the boundaries of quality and creativity. We’re equipped with our passion and industry leading collection of gear including the RED Helium 8k and RED Komodo cameras. Whether we’re shooting on location or in studio with either 5, 10 or 20+ crew members, we bring the same energy to every production.


We work with you through the editing process to ensure you are completely blown away by the finished product. Our editors excel in storytelling, coloring, foley, sound design, music and more with a diverse portfolio of editing styles. Lastly, we always strive to deliver your finished product in a timely fashion.

The MSM Studio

The 2,200 sq ft MSM Studio is located in Clearwater, Florida. Our sound stage features an 880 sq ft Cyc Wall with 12' ceilings and a full 20'x20' grid. Our studio also features an acoustically treated customizable set room, lounge and greenroom. This studio is our creative haven, with enough resources for any production size.


"Dream. Create. Repeat" isn't just our motto, it's a way of life. Dream big no matter what anyone says, create your own reality and repeat the process through adversity. We believe that teamwork is at the heart of every great achievement.
Cam Simon Producer & Director
Cam Simon
Roberto Director of Photography
Cameron Director & Line Producer
Will Grip/Gaff
Daniel Grip/Gaff
Bona Executive Assistant
Chiara Production Assistant
Mason Production Assistant
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