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Motion State Media is a video/photo production studio based out of Clearwater, FL. Aside from working in house at our 2,200 Sq Ft Studio, we work on location nationwide!

From our extensive knowledge in branding, marketing, cutting edge visuals and story telling…we’re here to bring your vision to life!

We aren’t just filmmakers and photographers, we’re much more than that. We are artists that have a love and appreciation for our craft that know what it’s going to take to deliver the product you need!

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Being a full service company, we’re able to take your project from just an idea all the way to completion. We offer full services from pre to post production to accommodate your project’s needs. Our goal is to create the smoothest, easiest and most effective experience for our clients.



First we like to schedule an initial consultation where we can learn about your brand and discuss your project’s vision. We can then strategize and determine the best video/photo package and service to accomplish exactly what you’re looking for and most importantly to fit your budget.

Once we’re ready to roll, we work on creating and or finalizing the perfect video concept, treatment and script. Depending on what your project entails, we then create storyboards, shot lists, cast talent, location scout etc.



With every production we strive to push the boundaries of quality and creativity, every one of our team members brings something new and fresh to the table. With our in house shooting team we are readily available for whenever our clients are ready to shoot. From basic to full sized productions, our team is equipped and ready for everything. Like we’ve mentioned before every job is different, one project may require just a few of us on set while another may need 10+ crew members.


We will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your edits. Our amazing team of editors excel in many different styles of editing to accommodate any project. Our editors work around the clock to assure you never wait months for your edit.

The MSM Studio

​The 2,200 sq ft MSM Studio is located in Clearwater, Florida. The studio features an 800 sq ft Cyc Wall, lounge, multiple backdrops, green screen, props, lighting, grip/gaff, editing suites and more. Our large space allows us to host almost any size production, build custom sets and create many diverse looks.

Meet the Team

We have managed to compose a team of truly exceptional individuals. Our mutual passion for the arts, story telling and creating a product that will truly have an impact on peoples lives brought us together, forming Motion State Media


Cam Simon


Cam began his journey in filmmaking in his Freshman year of high-school making skateboarding videos with his friends. He instantly recognized this was his passion and what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. After graduating high school he decided not to attend film school and to instead, pursue a career in filmmaking on his own. He proceeded to spend the majority of his time learning as much as he could, practicing and constantly creating videos until eventually he started landing clients.

By his early 20’s in 2015, he had globally known clients on his resume, short films with official selections in world wide film festivals and years of extensive experience in marketing, producing, directing and editing. At this point, he knew it was time to start a production studio and take all of this to the next level.

This isn’t just his job or his passion, it’s his life. To him it’s more than creating something out of nothing, it’s also about truly leaving a positive effect on the clients he has the privilege of working with and helping them to the best of his capabilities. As a businesses owner himself, he knows first hand the importance of delivering an effect product as he knows his clients are counting on it. Whether he’s meeting with clients to conceptualize a video, on set directing or in the office editing, he loves every moment of it.



Rob comes from a traditional art background and began drawing at a young age. His parents encouraged his artistry growing up and ultimately encouraged him to attend Full Sail university where he received his Bachelors in Computer Animation. While in school, he found his true passion for video creation and purchased his first camera. Shortly after he quit his 9 to 5 job as an insurance rep to pursue filmmaking full time and since then has found his niche visually creating on set.


Key Grip/Gaffer

Cameron studied Visual Storytelling and Illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design. After school he worked with multiple film crews in the greater Los Angeles area. Most impressively he spent 2 years working with the Broadcast and Print team for FX on numerous shows. American Horror Story, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, etc. Having had enough of the LA life, he moved home to Tampa to pursue his art and work with his childhood friend Cam Simon to continue his passion for film.



Coming Soon


VP Marketing and Sales

Bona has 11 years of sales and marketing experience. She knew this was her passion when she got her first job at 17 years old in sales. Interacting with people is second nature to her and that is why she loves what she does. Over the course of her career she has brought thousands of clients and small business expansion through marketing and sales for their companies. She listens and will cater to any clients specific need and make sure to get them on the right track in order to reach success in their marketing goals.



Laurie Anspach has served as CFO for numerous corporations and is well trained in maintaining a solvent enterprise. She has equal experience in both the for-profit and non-profit arenas and is thrilled to be working with such an innovative team at motion state media


Production Assistant/Grip

Daniel found his love for art at a young age creating short films and taking photos of his adventures as a young teenager. He has always had a wide imagination since a kid and always dreamed of being apart of film since he saw his first movie “Jaws” He loves the aspect of making dreams and ideas come to life.



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