Our Purpose We are an award winning, full service video production company, specializing in creating meaningful, creative and powerful commercial, promotional and corporate videos.

We have three goals:

Create strong and effective branding, connecting you to your audience delivering the specific results you need.
Create a video where the message and visuals work together in harmony to create the best overall quality video. We believe that the quality of the message and story in your video is equally as important as the visual quality produced in camera and the editing room.
Create a smooth and easy experience for our clients from start to finish. We take the term "full service" literally.

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Our Services

Being a full service video production company, we’re able to take your project from just an idea all the way to completion. We offer full services from pre to post production to accommodate your project’s needs. Our goal is to create the smoothest, easiest and most effective experience for our clients.


We like to start off with an initial consultation where we can learn about your brand, establish the purpose of your video, pinpoint your target audience and how to best appeal to them. We then strategize the best way to bring your project to life and how we can get there within the budget.

Once we’re ready to roll, we work on creating and or finalizing the perfect video concept, treatment and script. Depending on what your project entails, we then create storyboards, shot lists, cast talent, location scout etc.

With every production we strive to push the boundaries of quality and creativity, every one of our team members brings something new and fresh to the table. With our in house shooting team we are readily available for whenever our clients are ready to shoot. From basic to full sized productions, our team is equipped with our creative minds and the industry leading equipment. Whether the job requires just a few crew members or a crew of 10+, we bring the same energy to every production.


We work with you through the editing process to ensure you are completely blown away by the finished products. Our amazing team of editors excel in many different styles of editing to accommodate any project. Our editors work around the clock for you, to ensure you always recieve your finished product in a timely fashion.

The MSM Studio

The 2,200 sq ft MSM Studio is located in Clearwater, Florida. Our studio features an 800 sq ft Cyc Wall, custom set room, backdrops, green screen, props, lighting, grip/gaff, conference room, lounge, editing suites and more. The studio is our creative haven, allowing us to host any size production, build custom sets and create many diverse looks.

Meet the Team

Our family is composed of truly exceptional individuals. Our mutual passion for the arts, story telling and creating a product that will truly have an impact on people’s lives brought us together, forming Motion State Media
Cam Simon
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