By Cam Simon In Video Posted December 5, 2020

Creating a World Class Video For A World Class Company

As a director one of my favorite parts of this whole experience we call filmmaking, is that first initial vision that just hits you like a massive wave. This wave can come when you see a location, read a script, hear a song or whatever it may be that sparks that flame. The first time […]

By Cam Simon In Video Posted April 3, 2017

Max Spacey “Pressure” Music Video (Behind The Scenes)

  If we were to try and describe this project 3 simple words it would be a “Captivating Art Piece”. Max’s music is revolutionary and unheard of. It taps into the feelings and emotions of his audience with a refreshing and beautiful sound. That being said, it was only fit to create a visual art piece […]

By Cam Simon In Video Posted February 8, 2017

Follow Me Fitness | Allison Green

Recently we completed a massive project with Reality Tv Star and Musician Allison Green for her fitness program “Follow Me Fitness.” We partnered up with the publishing company “Invasion Digital Media” to create an entire brand from scratch. They had put in months and months of work into writing the program with Allison and finally it came […]

By Cam Simon In Video Posted February 3, 2017

Tip Of The Week | Color Schemes

  We can not stress the importance of color schemes enough! While the cinematography, camera, lens, lighting and more all plays a very important role in creating high quality visuals, using color schemes is an often over looked key element in taking the quality of your image to higher levels. Having the color and tones in […]

By Cam Simon In Video Posted February 2, 2017

Nelson Construction Commercial (Behind The Scenes)

Recently we finished the first shoot for Tampa Bay’s leading construction and renovations company Nelson Construction & Renovations. In late 2016 we met with Nelson to discuss video treatments for their commercial, we spent some time figuring out what direction we wanted to go and how to best achieve their goal with the commercial. Once […]

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