Max Spacey “Pressure” Music Video (Behind The Scenes)


If we were to try and describe this project 3 simple words it would be a “Captivating Art Piece”. Max’s music is revolutionary and unheard of. It taps into the feelings and emotions of his audience with a refreshing and beautiful sound. That being said, it was only fit to create a visual art piece for his song that leaves the audience unable to look away. We bounced ideas back and forth regarding the video treatment for weeks until we came up with a concept so enticing, we couldn’t wait to shoot it.

Shooting on the fs700 and the gh4 in our studio in Clearwater, we played around with lots of lowkey and creative lighting while emphasizing on the vibrant colors we wanted to feature. Shot almost entirely with Lens Wacking, the shots we captured were truly incredible and we’re looking forward to editing this one!

Big thanks to our PA/BTS Photographer Dylan Harmon who captured some awesome shots of Director Cam Simon, Ronin Op Jordan Farnum, Creative Director Gia Zi and Model Anna Mainiero. Enjoy!

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