Creating a World Class Video For A World Class Company

As a director one of my favorite parts of this whole experience we call filmmaking, is that first initial vision that just hits you like a massive wave. This wave can come when you see a location, read a script, hear a song or whatever it may be that sparks that flame. The first time I spoke with BubblyNet I immediately saw the video in my mind and knew we were on the verge of creating something truly special. BubblyNet is a sister company of the already world renowned lighting business Zaniboni Lighting which is behind some of the most incredible lighting technology and designs in some of the largest and most respected establishments around the world. BubblyNet is comprised of big dreamers, hard workers and innovators that have created something that will truly change the course of how we think, create and operate in our workspaces…for the better.

Knowing all of this, I knew we had to create a video that matched the energy, quality and creativity of BubblyNet. Something that was timeless, intriguing, inspiring and beautiful. We wanted a video our audience could feel, something that didn’t feel like a video but rather an experience instead. One of the most important responsibilities of a writer and director aside from good story telling, is to truly capture the branding and essence of their client. Otherwise you’re left with a mismatching product that does not resonate with the viewer nor deliver the intended results the client wishes to achieve. At this point we dove deeply into the creative process, creating the treatments, VO script and shot lists. Planning every detail such as the color schemes, when to transition from a more raw handheld look to something smoother, the pacing of the video entailing the build up to climatic finish, etc. Their headquarters is a filmmaker’s dream, offering incredible architecture, glass walls, views overlooking the city and more. The location played such a critical role in the final product as it allowed us to really bring the heat in terms of cinematography and visual story telling.

Once we had the vision solidified, it was time to bring it to life. Our core team including our director (myself), Director of Photography Roberto, Camera Op Jordan and 1st AC/Key Grip Cameron arrived on set in high spirits. The key gear we chose to bring onlong on this shoot included our RED Helium 8k, vintage Zeiss Glass, a few Kino Diva Rgbs, a few quasars, Clar lite mat, one ancient but effective Mole Richardson 1k, Teradek wireless follow focus system and many more necessities.

After a long day we wrapped close to midnight, tired, hungry and sore, but with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. The shoot went flawlessly, nearly capturing everything exactly how the shotlists intended with a great addition of on the fly improvised scenes and shots. Seeing something in the moment that feels right which may not have been planned is such a crucial part of production, as sometimes those are the greatest shots. Another key element to a successful production is being open to new ideas and input from the entire team. All of our team members are experts of their crafts and life long creatives so I love when we all come together in a collobrative process to bring out the best in all of us.


We created one of our favorite projects and most importantly our client was extremely happy. In their words “The quality of the video Motion State Media produced for us was beyond anything we thought. It turned out to be a cinematic masterpiece — not saying this lightly. We get comments all the time on the level of the video produced for us, comparing it to something that would be produced for SpaceX, Tesla, etc.” In the end, that’s what it’s all about. Seeing the impact we have on our clients and their business is the most rewarding of all.


You can see the finished video below:

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