Nelson Construction Commercial (Behind The Scenes)

Recently we finished the first shoot for Tampa Bay’s leading construction and renovations company Nelson Construction & Renovations. In late 2016 we met with Nelson to discuss video treatments for their commercial, we spent some time figuring out what direction we wanted to go and how to best achieve their goal with the commercial. Once we felt we had the right treatment and the home we were planning to shoot in was ready, we scheduled day 1 of shooting to capture visually aesthetic b-roll footage of the process of renovating a home.

On day 1 Executive Director Cam Simon, Camera Op Jordan Farnum and Grip Kevin Echemendia were on location at 7am to catch the delivery of a 6 figure kitchen island delivery for the home Nelson has been working on.

Our first location of the day was a beautiful home in historic Harbor Oaks located in Clearwater, Florida. Shooting with our Easy Rig, Sony Fs700, Lumix Gh4, Ronin M and Canon L Series lenses we were able to capture some truly stunning shots. Running two cameras at a time allowed us to be time efficient and get a variety of coverage for the scenes we were shooting. Cam was using the fs700 to shoot 60p slow motion footage with the easy rig while Farnum shot 4k 24p footage with the GH4.

After wrapping filming at the house, we headed to Nelson’s headquarters right outside of Downtown Clearwater. Using a combo of haze, natural light and short side lighting with our LEDS, we were able to capture some of our favorite shots to date.

Once the home is finished we will be returning to complete filming. We will be interviewing the home owner about her experience with Nelson along with shooting some footage of the new remodeled home. Once we are finished filming, we estimate will have the first cut of the commercial done within a few days. It has been an amazing experience so far working with the entire Nelson crew and we are eager to complete this project and get it online for the world to see!

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