Wolf Brand Scooters Commercial (Behind The Scenes)

On March 24th, we completed production on the first of a series of commercials for Wolf Brand Scooters. We set out to do the impossible…shoot a 30 second commercial consisting of a cast of 7, tons of extras, 7 scooters and 3 shooting locations all within a 2 hour shooting period to catch the golden hour. As challenging as that sounds, thanks to our hard working cast and crew we successfully completed the shoot just in time!

Shooting with the Easy Rig, Ronin, Canon C100 Mark ii, Atmos Shogun and the 24-70 L Series lens, we were able to get creative with the cinematography and capture some beautiful footage. Our talented intern Dylan Harmon was able to get some great Behind The Scenes Photos of Director Cam Simon, Camera Op Kevin Echemendia, Wolf Brand Scooters Crew and Cast! Enjoy.


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